The Tenses


The tense of a sentence tells us when it happened in time, i.e., in the past, the present or the future.


Each of the three tenses can be further broken down into the simple, continuous and perfect forms as described below.







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Activity 1

Identifying the Tenses

Identify the correct tense of the sentences in the table below. Insert the name of the tense in the correct column.

Sentence Simple Continuous Perfect
Example: The team had been scoring goals. Past Continuous
1. Solly needs new shoes.
2. I have been going to gym.
3. He is going to the movies tonight.
4. David is starting work early.
5. They celebrated his promotion.
6. We were going to the shops.
7. We shall go on holiday soon.
8. The cats will be going to the cattery.
9. She will have gone to bed early.
10. Mum had been going to gym all year.

Activity 2

Using the Continuous Tenses

Change the sentences in the table below to the continuous form of the tense.

Simple Tense Continuous Tense
1. The dog barked at the children.
2. I shall go to the concert.
3. Mr and Mrs Allan stay at the Beach Hotel.
4. She copied the notes word for word.
5. The twins sing in the concert every night.
6. My uncle will hike in the Berg.
7. The wildebeest migrate north.
8. It snowed in June on the mountains.
9. She drove her new car on the motorway.
10. They will take a packed lunch with them.

Activity 3

Using the Correct Participle

Activity 4

Using the Perfect Tenses

Change these sentences into the Perfect Tense.

Sentence Perfect Tense
1. We bought a new washing machine last week.
2. She will stop growing by then.
3. He will be studying for a decade by the time he qualifies.
4. He was practising in the holidays.
5. Susan is playing the trombone in the band.
6. The team wins the cup for the second time.
7. It was a tough year.
8. The pupils were enjoying the new science lab.
9. She will start the project next week.
10. They went to the beach in Durban.