Being Popular

School is like a world on its own!  When you go there, it is like stepping into a different universe. Sometimes school is the best experience that has ever happened to you and you are at the top of your game, but at other times it can be a world that you dread and hate to go to.

Things can change quickly for a number of reasons. Maybe schoolwork becomes hard and you struggle to cope; perhaps you don’t have the friends you had previously and are feeling lonely; you might have had a fight with someone and that upset you more than you thought it would; maybe you were caught doing something embarrassing or wrong.

In general, school can sometimes be difficult because it’s ever-changing and constantly challenging. Just like the real world! 

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Being popular and having good friends will help you when you need to deal with this thing called school. Just be careful that you do not confuse popularity with having friends. Being popular does not necessarily mean that you have true friends. Popularity is mostly based on what others can get from being around you. This can be very temporary and short-lived, often changing when people are done using you for whatever they needed you for. Popularity is often more about the other people than about you. Genuine liking, liking you for who you are, leads to true and lasting friendships and brings longer term rewards and lasting relationships.

Percy decided to jump in and give us a couple of tips on how to be someone that can make friends for the right reasons.

Being Popular

Show people that you genuinely care for them. Don’t overdo it, but be there for people. If a friend or someone at school is going through a hard time, give them something small or drop them a supportive text or mail. People appreciate the small things.

Remember the following tips:

  • Be friendly – going around with a moody face won’t attract people to you, so flash that smile!
  • Be humble – don’t brag and shove your talents in other people’s faces. They will notice them anyway.
  • Be helpful.
  • Listen carefully – this is the only way you can really get to know someone and be there for them.
  • Think how your actions will affect others – don’t just do stuff without thinking about other people.
  • Good manners are a must – respect is a basic thing that needs to be present for any kind of relationship to work.

Look for the fun things in a situation – someone that enjoys him/herself, naturally attracts people to them.

Being Popular Stacey

My brother makes it sound so easy! For some of us it is harder than for others to reach out and make friends. Nonetheless, what he has mentioned is definitely a good beginning. Be yourself, be kind and be open to the people who make an effort to talk to you.

Being Popular Mark

Remember to stay away from the bullies! You don’t have to take bullying. There is help at hand, so check out the section on peer pressure where I speak about this.

Go to the section on Peer Pressure for more information:


Being Popular

Different problems do come up at school. It is not always a bad thing, because school is supposed to prepare us for the outside world. One day when we have to work, we will also have to figure out problems because all people can’t like each other.

So here is how you can go about trying to figure out a problem:

  • Write down all your feelings, both good and bad.
  • For each feeling, try to figure out exactly what is making you feel that way.
  • Look at the bad feelings and see if anything else could be causing them.
  • Write down any ideas you have, which could improve things for you.
  • Pretend this problem has been brought to you by a friend and figure out what you would tell them.
  • Share ideas, either with friends, or with a responsible adult.

Being Popular Evelyn

If the problems are hard to solve, try to focus on all the positive aspects in your life. There is always something good to find, if you just look hard enough. Life dishes out blows, but if we carefully look, we also have great moments during this funny, weird life journey. Even though it’s sometimes hard to find the good in the situation, it will put things into perspective for you. If you can’t change the circumstances, you can always change how you see them. Trust me, sometimes that makes all the difference in keeping you standing!

Being Popular

Take your power back by taking control of how you see life and choose not to be a victim. You can do it!