Safety in Cyberspace

No matter how much fun it is to share videos, pictures and messages with your friends, always remember that these may also be seen by people that they are not really meant for. Images can last for a long time. This means that in years to come, something that was posted as a mistake could still haunt you. So be careful what you post and where.

Tips from the Gang:


Personal Details

Never ever share your personal details like your real name and surname, address and phone number (especially in chat rooms and with people you don’t know), rather use a nickname.

Do not give your username or password to anyone. Use more than one password and make it at least 8 characters long. Include capital letters, numbers and even symbols. Make it difficult for other people to be able to figure it out.



Think before you post and make sure that you want whatever you share for others to see. A picture can sometimes be funny in the moment, but could be embarrassing later.

Messages, pictures and videos that you send to friends or post on a social networking site, can be passed on to others or uploaded to public sites. This could lead to really uncomfortable situations, so be careful.

Be respectful – a photo or message someone shared with you is actually only theirs to share. Treat other people’s content the way you want them to treat yours.


Unwanted Contact

If you meet someone online that makes you feel uncomfortable, immediately tell someone.  Don’t respond to the person, block the contact and keep the evidence.

Set your profile to private, so that your personal details are kept hidden. Don’t open messages from people you don’t know.


Cyber Bullying

As in real life, people can make the choice to be nice and respectful, or to be a bully by teasing other people and spreading nasty rumours, sending horrible messages or even threatening other people.

If this happens to you, try to ignore it and immediately tell an adult. Block the person and keep the evidence.


Cell Phones

Cell phones are loads of fun, but the same type of rules and warnings apply. Cell phones can get you into the same kind of trouble as the internet.


Online Etiquette

Never get together with someone you meet online. Always remember - safety first. You don’t really know who the other person is. Remember that it is really easy to lie online.

Never send a message you would not want to say face to face.

Everything you read online might not be true, so be careful about offers and info that you receive.


The gang is right. There are many ways to enjoy cell phones and the internet, but we do need to think carefully about what we do, say, post and reveal about ourselves. We don’t always have control over content once it has been posted, so while having fun, keep your wits about you and keep in mind what the gang has told you.

As always, safety first!