Finding Your Own Style

Finding your own style

This one goes out to all my girls….

When we talk about body and exercise, eating right and in general looking after ourselves, we should discuss how we dress.

One of the hardest things to do is to accept your body just the way it is. No matter how healthily some people live, they are naturally curvy and girly and just can’t be as skinny as they would like to be, unless they starve themselves, WHICH IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA.

So let’s see what your super style is, sisters!

Finding Your Own Style

1. If you had to describe your style in 3 words, they would be:

a) Fashionable, fashionable, fashionable
b) Cutting edge, trend-setting, experimental
c) Elegant, conservative, neat
d) Active, comfortable, casual
e) Natural, without rules

2. Among the following, your favorite outfit would be:
a) A gorgeous dress, clutch purse and rocking shoes
b) A skinny tee with a glittery brand name, cool jeans and striped leg-warmers that you wear on your arms – as sleeves
c) A pretty, light colored top, neat pants and ballet flats
d) A black tight top, pair of cargo pants and funky sneakers
e) A gorgeous girly top, flowing skirt and comfy sandals

3. Your favorite accessory is:
a) Big hoop earrings
b) A scarf worn as a belt
c) A gold chain
d) A Billabong cap
e) A beaded bracelet

4. Your everyday bag is:
a) A little bag with just enough space for lip-gloss, mirror and purse
b) A big bag with loads of space needed
c) A smart leather bag that goes with everything
d) A cool-looking backpack that goes with everything
e) A cute, woven and beaded bag


If you picked mostly a’s, you’re a . . .
GLAM GIRL: You won’t even go grocery shopping with your mom without being all glam and gorgeous. You have to look fab wherever you are and make sure that heads are turning your way. Whether dressing up or down, you’re stylish and will have a pair of shoes for every occasion.

If you picked mostly b’s, you’re a …
TRENDY GIRL: You’re always rocking the absolute newest fashion trends, but you like to set trends too! You want to find “what’s next” before anyone else and introduce it to the rest of the crowd. You refuse to wear anything that is out of style. You are definitely out in front of the pack with each new fashion craze!

If you picked mostly c’s, you’re a . . .
CLASSIC CHIC GIRL: You have a natural and easy way of being stylish – it seems like you were born with it. You occasionally will buy special trendy clothes, but mostly to show off your own, natural, elegant style. You love everything from high heels to sneakers and can jam in all of them.

If you mostly picked d’s, you’re a . . .
CASUAL COOL GIRL: You love an active lifestyle, so laid-back and casual is the way you go. You somehow manage to make this look stylish, whether on the tennis court or chilling with friends. You achieve the perfect balance between looking good and being comfy. You practically live in sneakers, but are also able to step out in heels when needs be.

If you picked mostly e’s, you area a . . .
BOHEMIAN BEAUTY GIRL: You like natural fabrics and comfy jeans, yet often show a softer streak by wearing flowing skirts or dresses. You love accessories like belts and earrings. Shoes go according to mood. Actually your whole style reflects the mood of the day. Your vibe is ever-changing.

Finding Your Own Style

No matter where you fit in, the most important thing is that you do not change who you are. Your clothes should show your personality and flatter your body. You should dress for you, that is the only way of looking good. If you are not comfy in your clothes, no matter how beautiful or expensive they are, you will not look as good as you want to look.

Respect that people and bodies are different. Find your own style, I have and it rocks!!