Relationships with Teachers

Your Maths teacher wears weird clothes and can’t always remember your name. Your English teacher starts classes with pop quizzes which she thinks are amusing, but you don’t! It can be hard to think of these “givers of grades” as real people. But they also eat spaghetti, watch movies and enjoy sport on the weekends, just like you!

A good relationship with a teacher can help you in the future. Teachers are a group of adults in your life who can look out for you, guide you and provide you with an adult perspective and sometimes even be a shoulder to cry on, when things are not going well at home. Many are willing to answer questions or offer advice. They can really be quite useful at times and it might just be worth your while to try and have a good relationship with them.

Just like personal problems can sometimes slow you down, the same is true for your teachers. Job stress, family issues or health problems are all factors that can make a teacher grumpy or weird or just mean. They are human after all, so cut them some slack now and then!

We all have our favourite teachers and it is easy to be nice to them, but what about the teachers we don’t know as well, or don’t like so much? Well we can do a lot of things to get a good connection going with these teachers.


Relationships with teachers - CC 2

The gang came up with ideas that you can try that have worked for them in the past. Remember you never know when you might need a teacher in the future. Not being rude to teachers is an excellent way to stay out of the principal’s office and this means a hassle free life at school! That should inspire you to try get along with your teachers.

The gang’s list on how to get along with the teacher species:

  • Try to see what you can learn from the teacher.
  • Focus on the part of the teacher’s personality that you like.
  • Keep up with your schoolwork – don’t do the “eye roll” when assignments or work is dished out.
  • Keep your supplies organized and be ready for whatever might come up next in class.
  • Be on time for classes, even after breaks and don’t miss school without a very good reason.
  • Don’t go overboard – being funny is one thing, being the class clown another and it can annoy even the most patient teacher.
  • Be polite all the time.
  • Don’t gossip about the teacher with your friends.  Personal insults or attacks on a teacher are just a big NO.
  • Ask questions and participate in class.
  • Talk to your teachers, have a good attitude and be confident.
  • Be neat and tidy.
  • Try to understand your teacher and you will have a much easier time.
  • If you get into trouble, don’t make excuses, talk back or blame someone else and don’t sulk afterwards.
  • Always be honest – being caught out lying is never a good thing in any relationship.
  • Offer to help others – show you are willing to help classmates and make their lives easier.
  • Be optimistic and positive about the subject being taught.
  • Put effort into your work.
  • Don’t talk when your teacher wants you to listen.
  • Don’t get into too many fights.
  • Don’t pass notes or love letters in class.

Getting a good relationship going with a teacher might be easier than you think. Just stick to the basics:

  • Show up on time for class.
  • Complete your homework and assignments.
  • Be alert.
  • Be respectful.
  • Ask questions.

Now that’s not so hard, so give it a try!